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Membership Code

The following code is agreed to when you enrol and must be upheld at all times

Each Participant has the Right to:

  • Be shown respect by others

  • Actively participate in a non-threatening environment

  • Participate in a safe and healthy environment

  • Be afforded personal privacy and confidentiality

  • Be informed of policies and procedures

  • Be given information on the services available

  • Be given the opportunity to have input into decision making

  • Have cultural, religious and personal differences respected

Each Participant has the Responsibility to:

  • Abide by Longbeach PLACE Inc. policies and requirements

  • Act in a responsible way

  • Respect the rights of others

  • Ensure the rights of others are not compromised

  • Respect the personal space of others

  • Show respect for other people’s property

  • Leave facilities in a clean and tidy condition after use

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