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Longbeach PLACE is a warm and friendly Neighbourhood House in Chelsea. We are a community based not-for-profit organisation which commenced in 1975 and operates with a volunteer Governance Committee and a small number of paid staff.

Volunteers make a special contribution to the life and activities of the centre, helping us maintain a welcoming atmosphere, a diverse range of quality programs, and a focus on serving our community. They are an essential element in the successful running of any community service. Their contribution cannot be underestimated and is highly valued.

Assisted by our office administration staff, as Manager I oversee all areas of the Volunteer Program including recruitment, induction, ongoing participation and recognition. The door is always open to volunteers if they have any questions or concerns.

The Volunteer Handbook provides some background on our Volunteer Program. Learn more about
volunteer opportunities with us, and volunteers’ rights and responsibilities, and make sure you are ready to go with our volunteer checklist.


We appreciate your interest and hope you will decide to contribute your time and effort to Longbeach PLACE.

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